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Welcome to the magical marketplace of Dreaming Unicorns! From the ethereal grace of unicorns to the radiant brilliance of rainbows and stars, our collection is designed to sprinkle enchantment into every nook and cranny of your space. Each decal is not only a feast for the eyes but also embodies unparalleled practicality.

With their easy removal feature, you're not just buying a product, but an experience – the power to refresh, reimagine, and retell stories of ancient legends, dreams, and healing magic. Dive into this wondrous selection and let every purchase be a journey into a world of whimsy and wonder.

Step into Dreaming Unicorns' enchanting shop. Discover decals that blend magic, practicality, and tales of old. Every piece invites you to reimagine your space with dreams and lore.

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Dive into a world of enchantment with our "Dreaming Unicorns" wall decals. Each set showcases a majestic sleeping unicorn adorned with a spiral horn, playful spots, and an elegantly designed tail. Accompanying this magnificent creature are a standing unicorn and a delightful baby unicorn, forming a magical trio that's sure to elevate any space. Choose from our serene Pink or tranquil Blue dominant hues to best match your decor. These decals, aside from their undeniable charm, are designed to be a standout feature in any room. Easily transform your space with this dose of wonder and let the tales of unicorns come alive on your walls.


Awaken the joy of sunlit skies in your space with our "Sun & Clouds" wall decals. Bask in the radiant glow of the cheerful sun, its vibrant orange hues bringing warmth and positivity. Complementing this luminous star are the airy clouds, both large and small, that float serenely, capturing the essence of a tranquil sky. You're presented with two delightful styles to choose from: the gentle Pink, reminiscent of those magical moments just after sunrise or before sunset, and the refreshing Blue that evokes the serenity of a midday sky. These decals are perfect for creating a bright and buoyant atmosphere in any room. Let the "Sun & Clouds" set whisk you away to a place where the sky is always clear and the day is perpetually promising.


Illuminate your space with the ethereal glow of our "Moon & Stars" wall decals. Dive deep into the tranquility of the night sky, drawing you into a realm of dreams and quiet contemplation. With a life-like moon gently cradling a myriad of sparkling stars, these decals encapsulate the mesmerising beauty of the cosmos right within your room. The Neutral style presents an understated elegance, making it a versatile addition to any room. It's perfect for those who wish to lay under the stars without stepping outside, to dream, to wonder, and to drift in their thoughts. From the largest star down to the tiniest twinkle, the variation ensures a comprehensive celestial experience. With these decals, every night can be a clear and starry one, right in the comfort of your home.


Embark on a journey to the heart of nature with our "Flowers & Butterflies" wall decals. Immerse your room in a lush green setting, taking onlookers to a serene garden where butterflies freely flutter amidst blooming flowers and sprawling vegetation. Every delicate wing and leaf has been designed with care to transport you straight to nature's embrace. This Green dominant style radiates calmness and tranquility, effortlessly bringing life to a monotonous space. From playful butterflies of various sizes and designs to vegetation in all its sprawling glory, this set offers a complete garden experience. Whether you wish to add a touch of spring to your room or make every day a day in the garden, our "Flowers & Butterflies" decals are the perfect choice.


Float amidst the enchanting embrace of the sky with our "Rainbow & Clouds" wall decals. The centrepiece of this captivating set is a resplendent rainbow that arcs gracefully, reflecting the myriad colours of nature. Accompanied by fluffy clouds that seem to drift by, and twinkling stars that add a touch of sparkle, this design is sure to transport anyone into a world of daydreams and starlit nights. Choose between two distinct styles: the calming Blue, which mirrors the gentle embrace of a clear daytime sky, or the delicate Pink that paints a picture of twilight magic. Either choice brings its own unique charm and mood to the space, capturing the whimsy of the floating heavens above. Whether it's for a children's room or a space that needs a touch of dreamy optimism, the "Rainbow & Clouds" decals are the perfect addition.