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What Do Unicorns Symbolise?
Unicorns inspire joy, tranquility, and hope, captivating people since the beginning of time. They are fairies in fairytales, mystical beings in poems, and magical creatures in movies! Both the young and the old adore them and turn them into their lucky charms and inspiring muses.
Are Unicorns Boys Or Girls?
Due to their feminine allure and hypnotic beauty, it’s a lot easier to believe that unicorns are females instead of males.
So, What Exactly Is A Unicorn?
So what exactly is a unicorn? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, a unicorn is a mythological animal that looks like a horse with a single horn on its forehead. Simple enough!
Hang On, What Do Unicorns Eat?
Their diet depends mostly on their habitat and what they can find at hand. However, this is not all they eat.
Why Unicorns Are The Best Pets
Sure, most people have dogs or cats as pets, and, even though these are marvelous animals, they for sure can’t purify water and heal sickness with their horns.
The Fascinating History of Unicorns
Discover the rich and fascinating history of unicorns, from the seals of the ancient Indus Valley civilization to the gilt statue in Bristol City Hall. Learn about the Greek writers who believed in their existence, and the powerful symbolism they hold.
Some Myths about Unicorns
Nowadays, all around you, you will notice how common the mention of unicorns has become. It is now considered to be an integral part of the modern culture, which is depicted through stories and books. You all must be aware of the trend of memes; well unicorn mythology has temporarily taken the shape of memes.
The Magical World Of Unicorns
So what exactly is the tea behind unicorns? This question gets asked a lot. People have different opinions about this mythical creature, but they are quite amazing to have knowledge about.
What Language Do Unicorns Speak?
Unicorns have the capability to understand human languages and, if you are pure at heart, you’ll find it easier to have a conversation with them and ask them everything you wanted to know about them.
Why Kids Adore Unicorns?
Unicorns are pure, magical, inspiring, and healing creatures that accompany kids on fascinating adventures to wondrous worlds. Find out why unicorns are the best friends and protectors that children could ever wish for.
The Truth About Unicorns
Separating fact from fiction when it comes to the beloved, one-horned creatures.
The Magical Abilities of Unicorns
A magical creature with a unique set of powers that any mere mortal would envy. A unicorn’s power is said to be so strong that it's almost second to none.
Fantastic Fun Facts About Unicorns
So, here are a few mesmerizing, magical, and marvelous fun facts about our beloved unicorns. Ready?
A Product of Our Imagination?
Unicorns have always been a source of fascination for humans. Even though they are present in mythology and many cultures, it turns out that they may have originated from our own imagination. So, where do the magical unicorns come from?